Maximize Your Fitness Routine with a Weighted Workout Vest

It’s something every fitness enthusiast has figured out about doing cardio exercise routines – they have a habit of getting stale. If you’re lucky, you’ve got access to a wide variety of easily accessible terrains in order to mix things up. Otherwise, you might feel like you need a deep familiarity with exercise mechanics and theory in order to provide yourself with a dynamic routine that stays entertaining and challenging. However, this isn’t a feasible option for many of us.

That doesn’t mean solutions aren’t out there for providing variety and efficiency to your fitness regimen. One option in particular provides a blend of strength training, intensity, and convenience like no other. We’re quite excited to introduce to you our weighted workout vest! Designed to provide the benefits of strength and resistance training to your cardio routine. Our workout vest offers supreme comfort, reliability, and unmatched versatility for individuals of all skill levels. Read on to discover what makes a weighted workout vest by Philosophy the perfect way to enhance your personal exercise program. 


Why a Weighted Vest?
You may be wondering, "Why do I actually need a weighted vest when I'm trying to focus on my cardio?". What that question presumes is that when you're working on your aerobic fitness, you're ONLY working on aerobic fitness. What a weighted vest offers you is a way to combine your existing cardio fitness routine with resistance training, as well as offer a novel way to boost your workouts' intensity without having to drastically alter anything. With a weighted vest, you can easily increase the intensity of your existing workout to give yourself a greater challenge and improve across various fitness areas that you might have been struggling to reach[1]. With a properly weighted vest, you can benefit from well-balanced resistance across your upper body instead of using weights like dumbbells that only target specific areas.

In case you’ve been wondering to yourself “do weighted workout vests work”, the answer is straightforward: Yes! Weighted vests increase your body's energy expenditure and effort, and have been shown[2] to burn more calories when worn during exercise than when not worn. It's also been shown that weights can be used for both endurance-running exercises as well as for sprinting. In this study[3], it was found that higher placed weights were better suited for improving sprinting performance, while lower placed weights were shown to offer more benefits for long-distance exercise. 

Furthermore, it's been shown that weighted vests are good for improving strength across a variety of exercises[4] as well as helping to maintain bone density[5]. By adding a weighted vest, even simple exercises can offer improved benefits - and more importantly, these benefits were shown to take place in both younger and older users[6]. In short, a weighted vest isn’t merely a convenient way to add a new dimension to an existing routine but can also be ideal for use by people that vary in age, body type, and even in fitness goals.

Now that you’ve got an understanding of how fantastic this versatile piece of equipment can be, you’ll see why we’re so proud of our workout vest and what makes them standout from the crowd.


Durable, Dependable, and Designed for Safety
Our workout vest is built to handle all the rigors of daily exercise no matter how hard you push yourself. Built using soft, high-quality neoprene, this vest is flexible enough to allow an unimpeded range of movement while remaining sturdy and breathable even with extended use.

Our workout vests use iron sand to provide a consistently balanced distribution of weight throughout your upper body so you don’t have to worry about compromising your form to accommodate shifting weight. The reinforced, interlocking stitching of the vest ensures the integrity of its’ design for long-lasting use. Unlike less reputable manufacturers, safety is of prime concern, which is why our weighted workout vest includes several reflective stripes located on the front and back so you can exercise during the evening with peace of mind. Day or night, our workout vest has your back.

As stated above, weighted vests can be used in all manner of exercise routines and that means they should be designed to withstand better-than-average wear and tear. With Philosophy, you’ll be able to rely on our workout vest no matter your intensity wherever you roam.


Comfortable for All Shapes and Sizes
When we designed our weighted vest, we wanted to ensure that users of all shapes and sizes could benefit from it. After all, everyone works out at a different pace and with different goals, and we didn’t want to pigeonhole individuals into feeling limited in what they could do while wearing one. With that focus in mind, we included several features to better suit the needs of everyone. 

First off, our weighted vest can be worn comfortably by both men and women, thanks to the elastic straps that secure the vest and allow it to better fit your body. Furthermore, the vest includes two adjustable buckles that vary between 3”-12” so you can find the fit that’s best for you. This vest also incorporates a handy mesh pocket at the back, so you can keep your keys, earbuds, or phone safely with you while exercising.

Finally, our workout vest is available in multiple weight options - 6lbs, 8lbs, 10lbs, and 12lbs - so that you can more easily reach your specific fitness goals. Whether you’re looking to build strength or add a new dimension to your endurance workout, our weighted vest is the premium solution for you.


Why choose Philosophy Gym?
When incorporating a weighted vest into your fitness routine, careful consideration should be given in order to properly take advantage of their many benefits. Remember, your wellness is paramount, and you should only use fitness equipment that you trust, and that’s suited for your exercise goals. When you choose Philosophy, you can always rely on premium quality to help you achieve your fitness goals, your way. With our weighted workout vest, you can enjoy comfort and peace of mind with a flexible, durable workout vest that’s built to accommodate your physique, all while amplifying the intensity and variety of your exercise regimen. No matter day or night, our weighted workout vest will help you bring out your best self. 

Philosophy has dedicated itself to providing premium-quality gym equipment, built with exceptional durability, to meet all your fitness needs. It’s not just something we say, but it’s something we prove time and time again. You can see this belief reflected in the care we show when designed all our equipment. We also recognize that fitness should be within the realm of everyone to achieve, and we pride ourselves on the excellent price point of all our products.

From our weighted workout vest to our kettlebells and exercise bikes, everything is built to allow you to maximize your fitness routine and ensure you achieve your wellness goals. We want to help push you to your full potential – to perform better, faster, and stronger.

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