For most of us, our fitness regime means making time to regularly hit the gym, but that’s not always feasible these days. Busy schedules, a greater desire for day-to-day flexibility, and changing expectations of the gym mean that maintaining our fitness has become more dynamic and a bit more complicated. When we’re looking to keep up our exercise routine, the ideal solution is one that combines convenience with versatility and lets us enjoy an effective and efficient full-body workout on our own terms. After all, it’s one thing to find the kind of gym equipment we like, but it’s another thing to find one that works around our schedule.


The answer comes in the form of our incredibly versatile upright exercise fan bike! You’ll be able to access the benefits of a traditional exercise bike while also taking advantage of our unique air resistance system and adaptable features that will help you amplify your fitness from the comfort of home. Instead of stressing over finding time at the gym, bring the gym to you. Read on to discover why Philosophy’s upright exercise fan bike can make a difference in fitness for you.


Upright Exercise Bike vs Traditional Exercise Bike

An exercise bike allows you to focus primarily on the lower body and areas of the core for a workout, with a measure of control over the speed and pace of your routine. Most traditional exercise bikes offer ways to program resistance levels, and modern ones will usually utilize an electronic display that can help you to monitor your progress. However, these kinds of stationary bikes are one-dimensional, especially since the movements required to use them don’t really have a lot of variation. There’s no way to add new elements to your routine unless you want to purchase additional equipment like dumbbells or a weighted vest, which still may need some spicing up down the road.


When you take advantage of an upright elliptical-style exercise bike, you suddenly get to enjoy not only the speed and control of a traditional exercise bike but also the benefits of a full-body elliptical workout. With the attached handlebars, you can take advantage of targeting every part of your body in order to maximize the effectiveness of your workout session.


An additional benefit to an elliptical exercise bike is the low impact. This is a type of exercise that is less physically demanding than more traditional forms, such as enjoying the cardio benefits of running without putting stress on your hips, knees, and ankles. Low-impact fitness is considered highly effective as a form of aerobic exercise, especially if you want to target more areas of your body. You’ll still be able to benefit from the vigor of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) as well as improve cardio and push your caloric burn to new levels.


Simply put, the traditional exercise bike system is good – but our upright exercise bike can add a whole new dimension to your workout by targeting your whole body.


Full-Body Workout

With our upright exercise bike, you’re not simply pedaling for speed like with a normal stationary bike. This bike includes two full-motion arms that help you target additional areas for exercise like the upper body and core, while the self-leveling pedals ensure you are still working as hard as ever to keep your lower body in shape. You can use this exercise bike to focus on burning calories, improve your aerobic or anaerobic fitness, or as a key component in interval training. Adding a new dimension to your cardio training routine can help keep things from getting stale and ensures that you’re fully invested in the wellness benefits that come from using it.

Our upright exercise bike also benefits from a relative simplicity of use – so whether you’re a steady gym-goer or new to the world of fitness in general, this device will have your needs covered.


Innovative Air Resistance System

Our unique air resistance system offers an incredible method for finding the perfect level of resistance for your cardio training. Designed for improved fitness, while maintaining its overall ease of use, the fan wheel forms a key part of our exercise bike. It is integrated within the overall construction of the bike and speeds up to match the resistance of the wheel against your pedaling speed. Instead of fussing with electronic settings to determine a specific routine or worrying about the dangers of treadmill elevation, you get the benefits of comfortable and adaptable fitness that's easy to use.


Whether you're more into HIIT exercises or you just want to burn calories, this innovative feature is designed to provide you with the right level of resistance for the training that you do. Fitness should be a breeze - which is why our air resistance system is one of many ways that our upright exercise bike makes it perfect for a busy schedule.


Comfort and Convenience at Home

While we generally agree that pushing yourself to be your physical best does require a level of discomfort, none of the gym equipment you use should make you feel uncomfortable when in use. Fortunately, we've made it easy to incorporate our upright exercise bike into your day-to-day fitness routine.


Our bike includes a comfortably padded seat that's adjustable to adapt riders of different heights. The handlebars are also adjustable for you to find the best fit for your size and body type. Additionally, the pedals are designed to self-level during use and come with adjustable straps for a more secure fit.


Our exercise bike is designed to minimize the floor space it takes up, with dimensions of 42-1/2" L x 22-1/2" W x 53-1/2" H, it has a relatively compact feel to accommodate your exercise space. Included with the exercise bike are floor stabilizers to ensure safety and peace of mind. Additionally, the transport wheels allow you improved ease of mobility when storing and maneuvering the bike.


Choose Philosophy Gym

When it comes to premium gym equipment, you need a name that you can rely on to provide you with affordable and long-lasting fitness. Simply put, you need Philosophy. Our products are trusted by individuals of all skill levels because we show our care and craftsmanship in everything we design. You can rest assured that all our gym equipment, from our exercise bikes and ellipticals to dumbbells and plyometric boxes, meets only the strictest standards for quality and manufacturing. Our goal is to help you go faster, feel stronger, and perform better - in everything you do.


With our upright exercise bike, you've got all the benefits of cardio training and aerobic exercise, with the flexibility of adding anaerobic exercise and other forms of training to your regime. Premium quality, and exceptional durability is what we provide and what you need. Amplify your fitness with versatility and convenience through Philosophy Gym today!