For most of us, enjoying the benefits of regular cardio exercise and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) can be hard to come by. As we grow older and we find that our free time to get to the gym, take part in sports, or participate in group exercise begins to evaporate which can take a toll on our fitness regimen. Too often we let our wellness slip by the wayside as the duties of day-to-day life takes over, and once those habits are broken it can be hard to reestablish them.

What’s the solution? Well, one opportunity for people looking to maximize their fitness while enjoying a greater level of convenience is by using an upright elliptical trainer from Philosophy! If you’ve never heard of an elliptical trainer (aka elliptical bike or elliptical machine), right now is the perfect time to acquaint yourself with this unique device. You’ll soon see why it’s become indispensable for millions of fitness enthusiasts everywhere. Read on to find out more!

What is an elliptical trainer?
For those who aren’t aware of what an elliptical trainer is, this piece of exercise equipment resembles a standing exercise bike, but also has upright handles and pedals that are all used in tandem. By using an elliptical trainer, you can workout multiple muscle groups at the same time, and usually at a more approachable pace than a typical exercise bike.

Elliptical trainers are a fantastic choice for individuals of all fitness levels since you can burn calories while standing upright which allows you to benefit from the bike’s full-body exercise experience. Because of the way that an elliptical trainer is used, it is noticeably easier on joints like the knees, hips, and ankles when compared to other cardio exercises like jogging and running. Instead of repeatedly putting your entire body weight on these crucial joints, the machine absorbs most of the pressure and shock and helps to avoid intense impact to these areas.


What can an elliptical trainer do for me?
For individuals with weak joints or who experience pain in areas like the back or hips, a low impact exercise routine with an elliptical trainer can be a fantastic way to ensure you can participate in cardio or interval training without undue aches and pains in the process. Additionally, it's been proven that the benefits are comparable to other forms of aerobic exercise.[1] Plus, ellipticals allow you to target different muscle groups at once by being able to move your arms and legs back and forth simultaneously. With a blend of cardio and calorie burning functionality, ellipticals have shown to be an incredibly versatile device.

They can offer a similar experience to a treadmill for aerobic exercise, but they have the advantage of being easier on your joints and other high-stress areas. An elliptical trainer is ideal if you’re recovering from an injury and need to ease back into your fitness routine. All in all, elliptical trainers are a fantastic tool for building and maintaining your fitness and our upright elliptical trainer is the ideal choice for individuals who want to take advantage of its many benefits!

Enjoy Peak Performance, at Your Pace

What Philosophy’s upright elliptical trainer offers that other ellipticals can’t is in its’ improved flexibility to meet your exercise needs. Our elliptical exercise bike is designed for straightforward use that makes it easy to incorporate into your fitness routine whether you’re a seasoned elliptical pro or fresh to the pedals. Part of this comes from our innovative construction that uses an air resistance system that matches to your efforts, increasing and decreasing the resistance as you pedal. The design of the fan wheel allows for constant, unlimited resistance depending on the pace that you set. When you want to incorporate interval training into your cardio routine, this resistance system will become your new best friend.

In addition to the fan wheel, our elliptical trainer is designed to be used either standing or sitting. The adjustable padded seat and handlebars are designed for comfort and to accommodate various rider heights. Additionally, the large, non-slip textured foot pedals ensure a comfortable and stable exercise experience even when you’re pushing yourself to the limit. At Philosophy, we want to offer you the right tools to achieve your fitness goals – and our elliptical trainer is designed to do just that.


The Ultimate at Home Gym Experience Awaits
You might be thinking to yourself, “I love using an elliptical machine at the gym but is is well suited for an at home workout?”. Your good news for the day has arrived: our elliptical trainer is designed to provide the ultimate at-home workout experience. The trainer is sized to accommodate your living space without taking up too much room, with dimensions of 37" L x 20" W x 61-1/2" H. Transport wheels on the base of the machine make for easier storage and transport when you want to change locations or store it away.

Additionally, our elliptical trainer includes an informative LCD display monitor so you can maximize your fitness benefits with added data. The monitor allows for you to track your workout time, distance traveled, cycle speed, and calories burned, as well as the total distance pedaled. Additionally, the monitor includes a convenient device holder so you can have your phone at hand to play your favorite workout mix while burning those calories. If the gym is too much hassle, work on your fitness from the comfort of home whenever you choose so you don’t have to miss a moment of your wellness routine.


The Perfect Piece of Equipment
We’ve covered a lot of ground on exploring the myriad of benefits an elliptical trainer can add to your workout regimen, and why Philosophy stands out from the crowd. With our elliptical trainer, you have the benefit of adding greater variety to your fitness routine while also taking advantage of low-impact exercise for your cardio and interval training. Designed with our air resistance system for balanced resistance training and a focus on comfort and adaptability with adjustable padded seats and an LCD display monitor, our upright elliptical trainer brings the gym experience to your home with maximum convenience. Take a chance, and step right up the best elliptical bike you’ll ever ride.


Why should I choose Philosophy Gym?
When it comes to finding the best elliptical bike, you’ll likely find a lot of different names out there, and it can be difficult to find a brand that offers you premium quality and dependability at a price point you can appreciate. Luckily, you don’t have to look any farther! Philosophy has dedicated itself to providing quality fitness with exceptional durability for individuals of all skill levels, from dedicated gym heads to beginners and everyone in between!

Our affordably priced gym equipment is designed to help you push your limits and reach your fullest possible potential while retaining functionality and durability. Your workouts should have you feeling your best and ready to take on the world – to go faster, be stronger, and perform better.

That’s the Philosophy way and the mentality that created our expertly crafted elliptical trainer.



[1] Effects of high-impact aerobics vs. low-impact aerobics and strength training in overweight and obese women - PubMed (